About Thyruz
Thyruz united fronts during 1999. Laying low and sculpting their sound to fit their
cold and dark Norwegian surroundings until they were discovered by the Germen metal
label Twilight Vertrieb in 2007, the release of five demos had finally paid off.
Through Twilight, Thyruz released two full-length releases, two music videos and
toured most of Europe and shared stages with names such as Mayhem, Ragnarok, 1349,
Aeternus and many more.
Thyruz was once again given the opportunity to sculpt their
sound when Twilight went bankrupt in 2012. They sat down with producer Tom
Erik Hansen from Media Kollektivet to discuss the new album Svik. Before the
recording of Svik started, Thyruz went on tour to Russia and Belarus and gathered a
lot of inspiration before hitting the studio late 2013.
Self financed Svik will be released March 1st 2014.

Thyruz are:

Hedin Varf – Vocal Gorm – Guitar Ravnsvartr – Guitar Mjølner – Drums Ymer – Bass


Thyruz get their tattoos from